Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Metallic Sweater

Hey everyone,

Haven't really updated this section for a while, so I thought it's about time ;)

Plus, I had the greatest inspiration for a little DIY thing. ;) We all have seen these metallic sweaters all over the place, right? Has anyone else been utterly annoyed by the fact that they cost like 40 euros?

I know I have. I stalked this silver number in GinaTricot for weeks, but then decided to make similar myself.

So I headed to flea market, and searched for a chunky-ish knit, and found one for 4 euros. Then I bought a fabric paint (gold) for 5,70 euros.

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I had a bit too small brush for this, but it didn't matter too much... I covered our floor with old newspaper and started painting the sweater with gold inch by inch, which took about 2 hours. I didn't care too much about even finish, as I think it makes cooler effect when it is uneven.

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The paint had to be ironed for it to attach properly, but then, it was ready. So for 9,70 euros and 2 hours' time, I got the sweater that costs 39,90 euros new.

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So, what do you think? Great saving, right? ;)