Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Decorative Alphabets

Hey everyone,

Here's something I worked on during last weekend. I thought our bookshelf could use some spicing up, so what better way than decorating a meaningful word in a personal style? And at the same time, I could better my scrapbook craft skills ;)

Decorative Alphabets

You'll need:
Cardboard alphabets
Anything you want to use for decorating
Old newspaper, or something else, for covering the table/floor, you are working on. (because you wouldn't want to make a mess, right?)


I started by designing which paper I would use for which letter. I found these amazing Tilda papers, and couldn't resist buying them for this project. ;)


My letters spell "love", because it's something we have and appreciate a lot in our home.


I wrapped the alphabets half with plain white paper (which I actually softened before that, and it stuck quite well just like that, though I think you're supposed to put some kind of product on top of it).


Then, I started covering the other half with the crafting papers - there, the water didn't work well, so I just cut the papers in the right shape and size and glued them on.

After this, I cut shapes from paper, and used some ready ones, to make cute details on the alphabets.

And this is how they looked  when I was done with them:





Aren't they just adorable? ♥

Well, at least we love them ;)

Until next time!




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